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Sri Sahasra Lakshmiswarar Temple

The temple has special significance attached to those who are born under the Uthiratadhi. Sages Agir Budhan, Angirasa, Agni Purandhaka and divine sculptor Viswakarama were born under this star. Those born under this star are advised to visit the temple as often as they can or at least on their annual star day, perform Homas with a nivedhana of sweet pudding made with cashews, ghee, badam, grapes and honey for relief from problems as debt burden and progress in efforts stalled due to reasons known or unknown. As Fire God and Sun also known as Ayan worshipped here, the place is named Theeyathur

The main God in this temple is Lord Shiva as Sahasra Lakshmeeswarar. His consort is Goddess Brihannayaki – Perianayaki.


Legend goes that Lord Vishnu was once doing a Shiva Puja each day with about a thousand lotuses. When the number was short by one, Lord Vishnu plucked one of his eyes to make up the shortage. Lord Shiva but was prevented by Lord Shiva and granted darshan. Sri Mahalakshmi followed Lord Vishnu with the puja and realized Her wish of Shiva darshan. As Lord Shiva granted Darshan to Mahalakshmi who worshipped Him with 1000 flowers, He is named Sahasra Lakshmeeswarar. Sahasram means 1000


Uthiratadhi starrers pray seeking solutions to their problems. Devotees seek the blessings of Lord for relief from debt burdens and child boon and prosperity.People perform special abishek, archanas and Homas and offer Sweet Pudding with cashews, grapes, honey and Badam as nivedhana to Lord and Mother and distribute it to poor.

Utthratathi Nakashatram

Here comes the temple for Uthirattadhi Nakshathitra !! The people who are born on Uthirattadhi Nakshathitra are good in education and they have good speaking skills.
They are generally fond of jewels and dresses.Sri Brahannayaki Sametha Sahasra Lakshmeeshwarar temple is the one that is considered as auspicious for the Uthirattadhi starrers.Sri Brahannayaki Sametha Sahasra Lakshmeeshwarar temple is one of the old Shiva temples that was built some 2000 yrs ago and is located in a place called Theeyathur in Pudukottai Dist. This temple is located near the famous Aavudaiyar temple. The main god of this temple is Lord Shiva and He is a Suyambu Moorthy and he graces His devotees facing East. The Goddess is known as Brahannayaki and She graces facing South.


As per Hindu Mythology, the fire God Agni and the Sun God worshipped Lord Shiva here and so this place is known as Theeyathur. (Thee – means Fire). Since Agni worshipped here, those suffering from heat-related diseases worship the Lord for a speedy recovery. Uthiratadhi starrers pray here in this Sahasra Lakshmipureeshwarar Temple to get better solutions for their problems in life. They seek blessings of the Lord and the Goddess to get relief from the debt burdens, to get child boon and prosperity in life. As a token of thanksgiving, people perform special Abishekam, Archanas, and Homas and offer Sweet Pudding with cashews, grapes, honey and Badam as Nivedhana to Lord and the Goddess. In spite of being mythologically significant, the temple is in a very pathetic and broken-down state and is really at the mercy of donation for repair !!

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